Creative Grooves Using the Six Stroke Roll

Creative Grooves Using the Six Stroke Roll


Let’s get creative with the Six Stroke Roll for a minute. I’ve always been into the idea of getting the most juice out of what I already know. I mean, think about it, you’ve mastered, say, the Single Paradiddle (i.e. RLRR LRLL) and got a couple of cool grooves out of it and think “OK, what’s next?”. To me, that’s not value for money… I’ve spent all this time learning the Paradiddle just to get a couple of grooves and fills out of it? No way! I want my money’s worth!


six stroke roll

A sextuplet interpretation of the Six Stroke Roll


How do we do this? By going deep. So I wanted to share a few creative concepts to this end. You’ll be able to use these to turn something you already know, into something unexpected with just a little creativity! Learn more creative concepts to freshen your playing.


Watch the video below to see how you can turn a Six Stroke Roll into an awesome funk groove by applying a few simple creative concepts. You can also download a free PDF with transcriptions to each exercise below.

The idea behind this video is for you to understand the processes and concepts I’ve used to create the groove rather than groove itself. So, take these ideas, get creative and come up with your own stuff!



I’ve written a more in-depth version of this drum lesson for Drumhead Authority. There you’ll find a more detailed, step-by-step breakdown of every exercise with extra notes and tips for your to learn!

If you’re interested, I can help to take your drumming to the next level with my drum lessons too! I teach face-to-face or online if you’re not in London!




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Thanks again, and enjoy!