Tambourine and Cowbell Drum Loop!

Tambourine and Cowbell Drum Loop!

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This month’s loop, is a neat layered groove with some tambourine on the hi hats thrown in for good measure and texture at 85 BPM.

I wanted to come up with a groove that had a percussive element to it, but one not too obtrusive. I felt that the left and right hand interplay created great individual melodies.



Space, to me, even when I’m filling it with notes, is very important to be mindful of. You could say that groove is much as the notes themselves as what happens between them. For instance, I know Lars Ulrich gets a lot of flack for his drumming from the 90’s onwards, but I’m a huge fan of his playing post their classic ’88 album …And Justice For All. The grooves on their ’91 self-titled, and ‘96s Load are simple, and just smash with weight. Why? Because there’s space for the music to breathe.

And whilst this groove isn’t necessarily as simple as a straight ahead Rock groove, due to the details I’ve added, notice the backbeat is 2 & 4, and the bass drum’s just on beat 1. So yeah, you could say this groove has a bit of Ringo Starr and Lars Ulrich in it. Enjoy creating!



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