Using Paradiddles Creatively By Changing Subdivisions

Let’s have fun with Paradiddles! They’re one of the most musical rudiments, with lots of melodic possibilities and scope to create lots of grooves. They’re also a fantastic way to make our movements around the drums more efficient! So, let’s explore them differently in the lesson below.

In this video we get creative with a Single Paradiddle by applying a few concepts to it. Today it’s about changing the rudiments subdivision from, in this case, sixteenth notes to a sextuplet. We also take advantage of the fact that Paradiddles have tons of fun accent options to create fun fills with them.



When going through these exercises, go through them slowly. Pay attention to, not just every note but, the space between every note and your motion. Using a quarter note click is great to develop pulse, yet to help develop accuracy, you could try using a sixteenth note click to give you more references for every stroke.

One of the cool things about this lesson is that it’s a different way to approach the Paradiddle. This means we’re looking at it from a different perspective, which is great as it sounds so different played as a sextuplet! We can apply tons of concepts to Paradiddles to make them sound totally new.

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You can download a FREE PDF to learn with all the exercises below.

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Thanks again, and enjoy!


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