Challenge Your Coordination Skills With This Drum Game

Who doesn’t like drum games? They’re a great way to test and challenge yourself and your friends and family.

Today, on my Instagram Live lesson we played some fun drum games! These were actually excellent exercises develop your coordination skills, but can also translate to the drum set in fantastic ways. We could use these to come up with fun drum beat or fill ideas.

As you may recall, the game was about replacing notes played by our hands, with notes playing by our feet. Below are the simplified instructions to follow in order to play. Keep in mind that, if you don’t have a drum set, you can use your hands to tap on your lap, and feet to tap the floor.


  1. We start by playing simple Single Strokes (i.e. alternating hands) on our snare drum or lap, playing them as 16th notes (semiquavers)
  2. Then we replace one, or more, notes with a bass drum (or right foot) one at a time, repeating the exercise a few times over without making a mistake
  3. After that, we played a easy beginner drum beats (see previous blog post) for 3 bars and one of the above exercises on bar 4 (referred to as a 4 bar phrase)

Use a metronome to challenge yourself; try to do these really slowly, say at 40BPM, to really explore the space between the every note. Then, try them faster, and try not to slip up! 

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for more content; I tend to post drum covers as well as drum lessons from time to time.

I’ve written a quick PDF with each game / exercise for you to download and have fun with. Grab it by clicking the link below.


If you want to learn more drum games, or are interested in learning to play drums, check out my drum lessons and drop me a line! Also, check out my drum book Concepts here and grab yourself a copy; it’s a great learning resource and helps support what I do.

Thanks, and see you online!

Nick x

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Check out my drumming book: Concepts


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