Developing Phrasing Ideas Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this free drum lesson about developing phrasing ideas using doubles on the bass drum over double strokes.

Like the exercises in Part 1, these are based on the concept of permutation, which gives us lots of practical mileage as it’s very multifunctional. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you can read more about it in my new book Concepts or dive deep into it with David Garibaldi’s Future Sounds.

Getting stuck in you will 

  • Create fun and interesting grooves and licks
  • Gain a deeper understanding of hand / foot interplay
  • Develop increased control of hand and foot technique, time, and general co-ordination

Let’s do this

We’ll start where we left off by mixing things up, and combine patterns together to further explore possibilities. Check out Examples 1 and 2 to give you an idea, then come up with your own.

In Examples 3 and 4 we’ll use a 32nd note rate to play the same ideas, and explore the phrasing ideas developed in the context of a groove. This will help us achieve a Steve Gadd-like vibe or, depending how you choose to orchestrate your ideas, Gospel style chops.

As usual pay attention to your time, technique, and co-ordination. Remember to start slowly (perhaps 70BPM), to get the full benefit.

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Thank you,

Nick x

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