“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

– Buddha

Please have a read below to find out more about my teaching practice and drum lessons in West London, and the gigs I put on for my students (see The Rock Out Jam). I hope you find what you’re after whether you’re a beginner, have been playing for some time, or are at a professional level.

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My experience as a professional drummer spans for many years. Similarly, in addition to having a background in communication-intensive Sales and Marketing roles in what I call my “previous life”, I’ve built a great teaching track record giving comprehensive drum lessons in West London teaching students from 5 to 60 years old.

I am passionate about teaching and education, and my aim is to always make my drum lessons relevant, fun, and most importantly centred around students’ goals and needs.



I strongly believe in the strength of a good relationship. As a result, I aim to develop this with my students by way of understanding them as people, how they learn, and their goals.

Framing information in a way that resonates with students, I provide dynamic, thorough AND fun drum lessons. Consequently, I work to develop students’ musicality by jamming along with them on the bass guitar, as well as to their favourite tunes, and beyond.




If you’re looking to start drum lessons in West London, click below to explore how I can help you start your journey and achieve your goals.



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How do kids and teenagers benefit from drum lessons in West London?

  • Discipline through a target driven activity
  • Development of teamwork, listening, and communication skills
  • Duke Of Edinburgh awards activity
  • Boost confidence by taking grade exams
  • Develop self-awareness, and mental well-being


Like their younger counterparts, adults benefit in many ways too

  • Fun activity after work that engages the senses
  • Health benefits including stress release through a light cardiovascular activity
  • Learning a new skill and developing a new appreciation for music
  • Further develops listening skills, and reinforces team work


Nick has all the qualities you want in a teacher. He loves his craft, he’s excellent at it, he’s patient and most importantly you can tell he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with you.

He has been my teacher now for over 3 years and, during that time I have improved far beyond what I could have managed myself. He manages to keep the teaching process fresh by tailoring the lessons so that there is a good mix between the more rudimentary stuff that is needed and whatever you personally want to learn.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to learn drums.

Tom N.

Student, London

My son has had lessons with Nick since the age of 5 (he is now 11). He LOVES the lessons. Nick is always so generous with time and flexible and now operates out of a really cool studio. He is a brilliant teacher with great patience and I would highly recommend him.

Jess J.

Student's Parent, London



Whilst I post weekly drum videos with cool groove ideas (and the occasional silly picture) on Instagram and Facebook, I also upload content to my YouTube channel. So head over there for FREE drum lessons as well as performance videos, live footage, and other fun stuff in addition to my one-to-one drum lessons in West London.


If you’re abroad and would like lessons with me, I can also do Skype lessons too. So get in touch and we’ll arrange a suitable time!


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