Every few months, I put on a private concert for my students called The Rock Out Jam, where they get perform a song of their choice in front of a captive audience of friends and family.



Whether beginners, or advanced drummers, my students and I choose songs to learn to then play live with a professional band. Over the course of a few weeks, I help them learn and practice it, and a week or so before the gig, we have a little rehearsal with the band to prepare them for the big day.


Unlike other student gigs where students get to play with others at a similar level, in The Rock Out Jam they get to play with a professional, experienced band called The Visible Rhythm (where for the purpose of the performance, I play bass).

This is a great learning experience, and encourages students to step up their game. All of this, in a fantastic, positive and supportive environment.

The atmosphere is always great, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for parents, and students alike to meet over a food, drink and great live music, and experience how much they’re progressing as players.




Students benefit from the following fantastic aspects

  • Learning and performing songs they like, which is motivating
  • Performing the song with professional musicians means they improve their musicianship and drumming skills
  • Learning, practicing and rehearsing songs develops structure and discipline to developing a skill
  • Playing with a band reinforces team work
  • The event highlights their progress, and lets them appreciate music from a different perspective
  • Positive reinforcement from the audience praising their efforts to achieve excellence


Nick has all the qualities you want in a teacher. He loves his craft, he’s excellent at it, he’s patient and most importantly you can tell he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with you.

He has been my teacher now for over 3 years and, during that time I have improved far beyond what I could have managed myself. He manages to keep the teaching process fresh by tailoring the lessons so that there is a good mix between the more rudimentary stuff that is needed and whatever you personally want to learn.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to learn drums.

Tom N.

Student, London

My son has had lessons with Nick since the age of 5 (he is now 11). He LOVES the lessons. Nick is always so generous with time and flexible and now operates out of a really cool studio. He is a brilliant teacher with great patience and I would highly recommend him.

Jess J.

Student's Parent, London


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