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Recording this Latin groove plus a neat transcription of the beat!

About this free Latin groove drum loop

This bouncy Latin groove drum loop is at 128 BPM. The 2 bar loop, whilst not being strictly a specific style of Latin groove, it most definitely got that great rhythmic vibe! I was doing some practice, and in doing so I stumbled on it. I got inspired, so decided to record it and offer it as one of my free drums loops. So you can chop it up as you please and have fun with it.

Latin style grooves are fantastic because, by their very nature, are very groovy and make people want to move. All the different elements make for a rich, layered, drum beat without being too busy! My approach to playing is always to be tasteful.

Sometimes a simple groove is all it takes to get creative juices flowing! I hope you enjoy this and other free drum loops on my blog and use it to create!


Thanks again for stopping by, and enjoy!

Nick 🙂

About Nick Schlesinger

I’m lucky to tour the UK and Europe with great artists and work on sessions in world-renowned studios such as Abbey Road Studios on some really cool projects. You can also find me playing covers gigs in and around London.

Education is a big part of my work, and I’m really passionate about helping drummers achieve their goals. Published by magazines like Modern Drummer (US) and Drummer (UK), I constantly add new educational content on my blog, and I frequently like to embark on various entrepreneurial projects.

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