Keith Carlock Lick-Inspired Groove Drum Lesson

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Keith Carlock Drum Lesson


As seen on his Drumeo lesson (check it out here), Keith Carlock breaks down his favourite lick which is based on the Paradiddle-diddle. To keep things brief, what he’s done is add two sixteenth note bass drums before the sticking. This makes the overall lick a sixteenth note-based phrase rather than a sextuplet, which is originally what how the Paradiddle-diddle is played.


What I’ve done in order to come up with this particular groove is fairly straight forward. I’ve taken the bass drums and placed them at the end of the sticking, that’s about it! Now, with regards to how I’ve orchestrated the sticking, this has to do a bit more with trying to get a tribal kinda vibe, the way Eloy Casagrande does. Watch the video below, and I think you’ll get a good idea about what I mean at around the 2:10 mark.




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Keith Carlock Drum Lesson: His Favourite Lick Transformed
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Keith Carlock Drum Lesson: His Favourite Lick Transformed
In this Keith Carlock drum lesson, we explore one of his favourite licks, and come up with something very cool! Download the free PDF here!
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