A Professional’s Guide To Becoming A Self-Employed Drummer

A Professional’s Guide To Becoming A Self-Employed Drummer

You should totally quit your job… Be self-employed! Face it, you’re not actually happy with what you do, are you? You could be putting your skills to a more productive, creative and fulfilling use. Testament to this is that everyone’s got a little business idea they’ve always wanted to pursue. And the beauty is that it can be anything; from making pottery, or starting a fashion blog to starting a record label, and beyond. You could even strike out on your own doing something your current company doesn’t do as well as you think. 

Fact is that you won’t just benefit yourself, but you’ll be doing your country a favour too. Why? Small companies form an integral part of the commercial ecosystem, helping a country better cope with economic ups and downs.

So, here are a few don’ts that will hopefully be helpful when deciding to say “I’m out!”.

Don’t do it blindly 

Have a plan; one that’s clear and with achievable goals. Keep an open mind to the possibility that things change/evolve with time; so let your plan be adaptable. As a small business, being too rigid is a bad idea. Have a mission statement (a couple of sentences that defines all your business activities). This will help you focus your plans and goals.

Don’t do it with little money in the bank

When you decide to ditch your soul-less job, make sure you have a good amount of savings. You’ll need this you until you start breaking even / making a profit. Taking out a loan can be a good idea, but it puts you in debt… Better to owe yourself than someone else, no?

Don’t be stubborn

Be persistent and tenacious, but don’t be stubborn.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Remember, you’re not the first person to strike out on their own to do what you’re about to do. Part of your research should be to get in touch with your future competitors who, don’t forget, will also be your peers in your chosen industry. Ask them for advice; you’d be surprised how helpful they can be… You can battle it out with them later!

Don’t go throwing your money away

Budget well and spend your money wisely. For example, Google Adwords and social media ads are money better spent than a pricey advert in a couple of issues of a well-respected magazine! Furthermore, networking and word of mouth are key to success: relationships! You might be better off paying to go to networking events to make yourself known.

Don’t NOT seek investment 

There are people out there who enjoy helping start-up businesses. These investors got so much cheddar that it’s not about money, but about the thrill of creating something successful and being part of it. Don’t rule out this possibility; it’s definitely worth exploring it.

Don’t think you’re not worth it 

Be confident, and fight for what you want. If you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you.

Don’t listen to other people

People will tell you whatever advice they feel is important based on their experiences, like a nostalgic recounting of their successes and failures… And whilst you might want to listen to them, at the end of the day, it’s your decision to follow your heart, so do as you please! Same applies to this article, so do whatever the hell you want!