Your task is to come up with grooves for a song that I’ve written, film yourself performing it, and submit it to a vote for a chance to win a filmed recording session at my studio!



  • Download the song and LISTEN to it
  • CREATE drum beats and fills for it*
  • Then RECORD and film yourself playing it
  • Submit your video to us, and we will upload it to a safe, private link**
  • Share the private link with friends and family to get likes / votes
  • The video that gets the most likes / votes then wins a filmed recording session at my studio to record your performance professionally***

You don’t even need a drum kit, you can use your practice pad or get creative with household items as drums!

** Submit the video by sending to me via Whatsapp, or send it via WeTransfer

*** This will be scheduled for when it is safer to do, and will adhere to health and safety, and social distancing rules



The sash starts today, Oct. 19th and you have two weeks to complete it. And, You can create, and film yourself anywhere you like.



In coming up with your groove(s) for the song, I’d like you to think about the following
  • The song’s structure and different parts (i.e. verses, choruses, middle section)
  • Dynamics (i.e. the quiet and loud bits)
  • Be musical. Play grooves that move compliment the song, and fills that help transition between sections, or add some flare to your performance
  • Make sure that you play in time to the song



  1. What if I don’t have a drum kit? That’s OK. You can get creative with household stuff to come up with your beats
  2. What if I don’t want my child in a video on YouTube? That’s fully understandable, which is why we’re doing everything through a private link that you will have control over via password. Other options include perhaps filming your child from the back so their face isn’t showing, or alternatively, you can send us the video and we’ll overlay an image on top of the video so that only the audio comes through






If you have any questions, send them to admin@nickschlesinger.com as that way Tricia and I will see them.

Enjoy and good luck!

Nick 🙂

About Nick Schlesinger

I’m lucky to tour the UK and Europe with great artists and work on sessions in world-renowned studios such as Abbey Road Studios on some really cool projects. You can also find me playing covers gigs in and around London.

Education is a big part of my work, and I’m really passionate about helping drummers achieve their goals. Published by magazines like Modern Drummer (US) and Drummer (UK), I constantly add new educational content on my blog, and I frequently like to embark on various entrepreneurial projects.

Check out my drumming book: Concepts


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