In this post we take a look at some tips to help you develop your Paradiddle chops using the “outward” Paradiddle inversion (RRLR LLRL).



Every sticking has melodies hidden inside them. These are useful because they help us think of “dry sticking patterns” as actual musical phrases.

Paradiddles are no different. We can isolate these melodies by increasing or decreasing the volume / dynamic level of each hand as we play the sticking pattern. In this example, taking the RRLR LLRL Paradiddle inversion’s R melody, we would accent all the right hand notes and play the left hand notes as ghost notes.


nick schlesinger paradiddle drum lesson RRLR LLRL

“Outward” Paradiddle inversion’s right hand melody highlighted by accents




Here the idea is that as you practice a sticking, work to internalise the melody until it’s second nature. As such, we want to be able to feel it, making it part of our vocabulary. 

Next step is to try and sing the melody as we play. Even if we’re not playing a groove / fill with that melody, aim to sing it as it will change how your groove feels, and will inform your groove and fills.

With this in mind, once comfortable with the melody, try and orchestrate grooves and fills with it. Consequently, for linear grooves and fills, try replacing R notes with bass drums, for example. Experiment with multiple combinations between R and bass drum.



Note that the rhythm of the track mirrors the R melody. So, as you play along to the track, don’t stop singing it! This will help solidify your phrasing and make your playing feel more musical.



Lastly, if you’re interested, here’s a little 1 minute song I wrote where I based the intro groove idea on this RRLR LLRL Paradiddle inversion. Indeed, watch it below, or follow this link to watch it on YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe.




Download the free PDF below which has some groove examples as well as some linear fill ideas which are based on this Paradiddle’s right hand melody.





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drum book

Check out my book Concepts to help you come up with cool new grooves and fills with really simple ideas!


Thanks and enjoy! 🙂


Paradiddle chops chops builder lesson! Free PDF & practice loop.
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Paradiddle chops chops builder lesson! Free PDF & practice loop.
Have you thought about the hidden melodies inside the Paradiddle? We can use melodies to expand our phrasing and chops with it. Read on!
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