"If you do what you always did... You get what you always got."




Fun drum lessons, tailored to your needs, covering concepts, technique, styles, time, groove & feel, and grade exams


Recording drums from my West London studio (or at your preferred location), or doing live shows (originals and functions)


Experienced dep, with a deep, constantly-growing repertoire, backing vocals abilities, and great reputation


Drum tuning, sound consultancy, equipment hire and instrument sourcing services for recording sessions or live shows


Genuinely awesome guy with quite frankly saintly patience. I’ve only had him as my teacher for just over a year but I feel I have made great progress during this time due to his enthusiastic and encouraging attitude. I highly recommend Nick for anyone with a passion for music!

Ellie M.

Student, London

I worked with Nick on the Daisy Victoria EP that I produced at EVE Studios (Manchester, UK). He is a true professional and his creative input, standard of playing and attitude on the session were awesome.

Dan Austin

Producer (Pixies, Reef)

We recorded the songs live, in singular takes, repeatedly, with the drums remaining locked without compromise to feel or fluidity. This only left me with the difficult task of picking which of the takes I liked best.

Mikhail Daken


I had the opportunity to work with Nicholas on two projects at Abbey Road Studios in London. He’s truly committed to his work and brings his artistic approach produces great results. When recording in London, Nicholas is certainly my drum tech of choice.
Max Scenna

Recording Engineer (Shakira, Living Colour)


A Marketing Management graduate with years of experience in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical advertising, Nicholas Schlesinger is somewhat an unlikely professional drummer and musician. His approach to his craft and the services he provides to artists, students, and clients is often seen as “way out-of-the-box” yet effective and highly professional.

Born a natural musician, as a session drummer, he has toured the UK and Europe and recorded with independent artists such as Mercy House, Tallulah Rendall, Daisy Victoria, and Russell Swallow working in well-known studios including Abbey Road, Eve Studios, Urchin Studios, 123 Productions, and Lightship95.

His fun and comprehensive drum lessons have seen him grow his private teaching practice exponentially since opening shop in 2012. He highly enjoys helping drummers achieve their goals, as well as occasionally writing educational articles for magazines such as Modern Drummer (US) and Drummer (UK), and for his popular blog.

Never one to stand still, in 2014 he developed and launched the world’s first pillowcase practice pad CHOPZzz™, a well-received product which has sold worldwide. In addition to this, as a multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas composes and produces his own music and videos for commercial purposes.