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I am passionate about education. For many years, I’ve been teaching drum lessons, writing books and articles, and organising educational and creative initiatives to help students become better drummers and musicians. I’ve even come up with the world’s first drum pillowcase for drummers to practice and sleep on!

Students benefit from my many years of experience as a professional drummer and musician. My aim is to always make my drum lessons engaging, challenging and fun putting students’ goals, motivations, and learning style at the centre of it all.

Similarly, I’m also experienced teaching drums to S.E.N / neurodiverse students. I find this work highly rewarding, and working together with parents and carers to ensure the lessons are both fun and educational.

Please explore below, and if you have any questions, get in touch. Sign up for in-person or online drum lessons in London.

drum lessons

Beginner Drum Lessons

Learning to play drums is both exciting and rewarding! You’ll learn the same core skills of the pros from the ground up, to play along to your favourite tunes.

Kids benefit from discipline, a creative activity, reinforcement of teamwork, listening, and communication skills. Furthermore, it boosts their confidence and develops self-awareness and mental well-being.

For adults, it’s a fun and engaging after-work activity that helps release stress through a light cardiovascular activity. Likewise, it’s a cool new skill, that’ll invite a new appreciation for music.

drummer beginner drum lessons


  • Quarter and eighth note drum beats and fills for different styles
  • Snare drum technique, pieces and games
  • Introduction to time-keeping
  • Basic orchestration around the drums
  • Play-alongs to popular songs and students’ favourite music


  • Simple musical structures
  • Basic reading
  • Rhythmic connection to language
  • Basic rudiments: Single and Doubles
  • Strokes, Single Paradiddles
  • Understanding the drum set and its role in music

Drum Lessons starting at:

£40/hr at my studio Or Online

£50/hr at your home


“My son has had lessons with Nick since the age of 5. He LOVES the lessons. Nick is always so generous with time and flexible and now operates out of a really cool studio. He is a brilliant teacher with great patience and I would highly recommend him.”

Jess Jarvis
Student’s parent, London

Intermediate Drum Lessons

We’ll take a deeper dive into the sounds, playing styles, and music that you like. We’ll continue building on the same core skills of the pros, applying them in new and exciting ways, and to new genres and styles.

drummer intermediate drum lessons


  • Building speed for the hands and feet (single and double bass drums)
    Bass drum technique (i.e. heel-toe, etc)
  • Rudiments: Rolls, Drags and Flams
  • Left foot independence like opening the hi-hats
  • Sixteenth note grooves and fills
  • Foot Ostinatos
  • And more…


  • Rudiments and their creative application
  • New orchestration ideas
  • Sight reading
  • Introducing Jazz and Latin drumming
  • And more…

Lessons starting at:

£40/hr at my studio or Online

£50/hr at your home


“Genuinely awesome guy with, quite frankly, saintly patience. I’ve only had him as my teacher for just over a year but I feel I have made great progress during this time due to his enthusiastic and encouraging attitude. I highly recommend Nick for anyone with a passion for music!”

Ellie McEvoy
Student, London

Advanced Drum


What is the next level? This differs from person to person. Ultimately, to me, it boils the freedom to express ourselves musically, with our own voice without restrictions. As such, we’ll explore the tools and creative concepts necessary to help you achieve your goals, and develop strategies to facilitate them.

drummer advanced drum lessons


  • Dive deeper into Creative Concepts such as Permutation, Melodic phrasing, Displacement, and more
  • Strengthening time feel to lock in with the music
  • Improve hand and feet technique and get rid of bad habits
  • Develop a more musical approach to your playing


  • Discipline, health (mental and physical) & motivation
  • Maximising practice time
  • Goal-setting
  • Managing red button fever (recording nerves)
  • Stage fright management
  • Audition preparation

Lessons starting at:

£40/hr at my studio Or Online

£50/hr at your home


“Nick has all the qualities you want in a teacher. He loves his craft, he’s excellent at it, he’s patient and most importantly you can tell he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with you… He has been my teacher now for over 3 years and, during that time I have improved far beyond what I could have managed myself.”

Tom Naughton
Student, London

The Rock Out Jam


What is it?

Every few months, I put on a private concert for my students called The Rock Out Jam, where they are given the exciting opportunity to perform a song of their choice in front of a captive audience of friends and family.


How it works

Whether beginners or advanced drummers, my students and I choose songs to learn to then play live with a professional band. Over the course of a few weeks, I help them learn and practice it, and a week or so before the gig, we have a little rehearsal with the band to prepare them for the big day.

Fun Learning

Unlike other student gigs where students get to play with others at a similar level, in The Rock Out Jam they get to play with a professional, experienced band called The Visible Rhythm (where, for the purpose of the performance, I play bass).

This is a great learning experience and encourages students to step up their game. All of this, in a fantastic, positive and supportive environment.

The atmosphere is always great, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for parents, and students alike to meet over food, drink and great live music, and experience how much they’re progressing as players.

Free Drum Lesson Videos

Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel for FREE drum lessons, covers, live and studio footage. Here’s a few examples…

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook where I post challenges, and other fun stuff.

Concepts Drum Book

A guide to essential drumset processes for the modern drummer.

My educational book offers drummers essential creative drumming concepts and processes to help take their skills to the next! These are presented in a simple, and easy to understand format, covering topics in Independence & Co-ordination, Creativity & Rudimental Applications, and Time & Feel Perception.

With this book, you’ll also be able to creatively explore your existing vocabulary in new and exciting ways, making your progress even quicker!

If you have any questions or want to make a booking, send me a message and I'll get back to you asap...


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