A guide to essential drumset processes for the modern drummer

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What is this Drum Book about?

Concepts is a drum book full of great ideas to help you take your drumming to the next level! These ideas enable to you to explore your existing drum set vocabulary deeper through creative ideas and processes, which also means your learning curve won’t be as steep.

By explaining these concepts and examples in a concise and easy-to-understand way, you’ll be able to apply them to your playing and start developing your drumming instantly.

You’ll also benefit from practical tips on developing effective practice, orchestration ideas, relevant resources that can be used alongside the drum book, and real life examples where you’ll be able to hear these concepts in action, and more.

This drum book cover 14 concepts topics in the following categories:

  • Independence and Co-ordination
  • Creativity and Rudimental Applications
  • Time and Feel Perception

By mixing multiple concepts within the book, the amount creative potential is only limited by your imagination.

You can also access free YouTube videos with lessons and examples with downloadable PDFs on how to apply the concepts found in the book.

Drum book

“Spending some time with the book’s various challenges will open up your phrasing and overall rhythmic vocabulary”

Modern Drummer Magazine – Feb ’19



Learn about creative drumming concepts through easy and concise explanations and definitions.



Easy-to-follow processes with step-by-step instructions mean concepts are instantly applicable to your playing.



Every chapter contains relevant recommendations to help you dive deeper into each concept, and discover new, fun and inspiring resources.



The drum book is designed to encourage and facilitate you to get creative and develop your ideas, helping you develop your style and voice on the drum set.


“…clearly laid out book and each concept is well explained and easy to understand.”

MikeDolbear.com – Oct ’18

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Applicable Tips

Creative Examples


Available in eBook or paperback