Hand-To-Foot Coordination Like A Modern Drummer

Hand-To-Foot Coordination Like A Modern Drummer

Thanks for checking out this video drum lesson! In it you’ll learn to develop hand to foot coordination like today’s modern drummer. You’ll enhance your drumset vocabulary by applying the simple concept of Replacement to a Paradiddle, and level up your drumming game!

Because of the Paradiddle’s intricate sticking, we can take advantage of tons of potential combinations to develop a fluid conversation between our hands and feet!


Tips for the modern drummer

When going through the exercises in this drum lesson, go through them slowly. Pay attention to your motion and the melodies created in every exercise to get the most out of them. Ensure you use a metronome to work on your time too, as every exercise is an opportunity to improve our time-keeping and feel.

One of the cool things about this lesson is that it’s a different way to approach the Paradiddle. This means we’re looking at it from a different perspective, which in this case means using it as a multi-faceted coordination exercise. In fact, we can apply tons of concepts to Paradiddles to make them sound totally new.

My book, Concepts, contains lots of ideas and processes you can apply to rudiments, stickings, chops to expand on your drumming vocabulary. Check it out here and get a copy!

So, do like a modern drummer and watch the full video lesson on YouTube here or below. Either way, don’t forget to download the free PDF to learn with all the exercises below.

Download the PDF HERE

I hope you find this helpful! And, if you get a second, check out my drum lessons if you’re interested in taking your drumming further! I teach students of all ages and skill levels, helping them achieve their goals and develop as drummers and musicians.

Thanks, and see you soon.

Nick 🙂

Create interesting variations of ideas with Displacement

Create interesting variations of ideas with Displacement

Thanks for checking out this video drum lesson about creating interesting variations of ideas with Displacement.

Hey guys, in this video lesson you’ll learn to apply the concept of Displacement in order to spice up your fills and create more interesting grooves.

Download the FREE PDF below to learn the how to play this, and the concepts and processes applicable to make it happen so can use it with your own ideas to get more juice out what you already know!




Thanks again, and enjoy!