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Spice Up Your Fills: Applying the Augmentation Concept

This blog and free drum lesson shows you a way to spice up your fills by applying the augmentation concept. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, you know, the whole thing about getting more out of stuff you already know? Well, it’s true! There’s so much juice...

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3 Ways To Use Meditation To Benefit Your Drumming

Here are 3 ways to use meditation to benefit your drumming. Over the last few months I’ve been using a guided meditation app called Headspace. It’s a great app which teaches you how to meditate and guides you through the process. I’ve found it really beneficial in...

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Developing Phrasing Ideas Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this free drum lesson about developing phrasing ideas using doubles on the bass drum over double strokes. Like the exercises in Part 1, these are based on the concept of permutation, which gives us lots of practical mileage as it’s...

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Developing Phrasing Ideas Part 1

In this free drum lesson, I discuss developing phrasing ideas using “double” bass drum strokes over double strokes. It’s a while since I last posted, so I wanted to share with you something I’ve been playing about with, which has been loads of fun...

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4 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Drumming – FREE DOWNLOAD

Summary Becoming a better drummer requires time, so making the most it is crucial to improve your drumming, whether it’s 15mins or 2hrs per day. Planning is the one simple, and easiest, trick to do this. You can download the FREE “How To Get Better” Pack...

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How To Play Drums

How to play drums is a great search engine query! Now, I’m going to assume that if you typed that into Google, you’re probably reading this (thank you) looking for an answer. So, here’s my attempt at it. When trying to answer how to play drums I don’t think there are...

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