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4 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Drumming – FREE DOWNLOAD

Summary Becoming a better drummer requires time, so making the most it is crucial to improve your drumming, whether it’s 15mins or 2hrs per day. Planning is the one simple, and easiest, trick to do this. You can download the FREE “How To Get Better” Pack...

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How To Play Drums

How to play drums is a great search engine query! Now, I’m going to assume that if you typed that into Google, you’re probably reading this (thank you) looking for an answer. So, here’s my attempt at it. When trying to answer how to play drums I don’t think there are...

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Vintage and Modern Drums

So, here my  thoughts and opinions on the topic of vintage and modern drums. There’s something inexplicably cool and desirable about vintage gear. It looks cool, it sounds great, and it always impresses people; producers love the old school stuff. Some argue that old...

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My Drumming Roots

In this article, we explore how to find your drumming roots. I decided to get introspective and go about finding my drumming roots are to trace my lineage; my drumming family tree, if you will. Now, of course, I know who my favourite drummers are! But I wanted to look...

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Album Review: “Hikari” by Oceans Ate Alaska

Here's my album review of "Hikari" by Oceans Ate Alaska, a Birmingham-based Metalcore band. I wanted to share my thoughts about this record because I found it really interesting, both from a musical and drummer’s perspective. Having learnt about it listening to the...

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11 Ways To Improve Your Creative Drumming Part 4

11 ways to improve your creative drumming! In this last article in the series, we’ll be looking elements / considerations which, whilst obvious, can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to the creative process. Let’s dive right into melody, the bass, and the concept...

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